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Cattedrale di Noto

Noto è una città magnifica e famosa per la sua splendida architettura barocca, si trova a 5 chilometri di distanza. Non perdetevi una tradizionale passeggiata pomeridiana lungo la sua via principale.
A solo 1 km a nord della casa si trova la piccola località balneare di Lido di Noto. Ha un lungomare con bar, gelaterie e una bella spiaggia.
A 15 km di distanza si trova invece una delle città più belle del Mediterraneo, Siracusa – famosa per le rovine dell’Antica Grecia. Il cuore della moderna Siracusa sta nel suo centro storico, situato sulla penisola di Ortigia.
La vicina provincia di Ragusa città come Ragusa Ibla e Modica, che sono conosciuti per la loro architettura barocca e le loro case che sono state scavate nella roccia calcarea della regione. Ragusa è una destinazione popolare per i bagnanti, dato che offre infinite spiagge di sabbia dorata.

(Fonte, Wikipedia)


The Vendicari Nature Reserve, migrating ground for flamingos

One place that really shouldn’t be missed, is the Vendicari Nature Reserve. There are many reasons for this assertion, none more convincing than the fact that its beautiful selection of beaches are amongst the least frequented in Sicily……at least by humans.

Vendicari is a mixture of lagoons (pantano), sand dunes, rocky coastlines, and sandy beaches. It was instituted in 1984 and is home to a wide variety of flora and fauna. The high salinity of the ground provides an ideal habitat for Mediterranean maquis, herbs such as thyme and rosemary and other prickly customers such as juniper bushes.

Thousands of migrating birds pass a few days here on their way to or from Africa. Flamingos, herons, storks and cormorants are regulars during autumn, while in the winter, ducks, mallards, pintails and terns take over. An ornithologists’ paradise, there are several hides for those who bring their binoculars.

For those whose interests are of a more active kind, Vendicari offers a wonderful environment for a good seaside walk with only the sound of the waves, birds and the wind for company.

Swimmers (and sunbathers!) will find it hard to choose between the numerous beaches and rocky coves that abound.

There are three entrances to the park, all off the main Noto-Pachino road. The middle entrance, signposted Torre di Vendicari, gives you the opportunity of heading north or south. Wherever you decide to enter, you will have to park you car and walk some way, though this is a greatly pleasurable experience.

Also within the reserve are a series of buildings, including a 15th Century tower built by Peter of Aragon (known as the Torre Sveva), a tonnara (tuna fishery) and several old fishermen’s houses.