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[accordions autoheight = false] [accordion title = “How can I book my holiday?”] You can book your holiday by going to the page of the house concerned, you will find a calendar in which you can choose the period you are interested in, specifying the number of guests excluding children under 5 years. Click on the Book link, fill out the form and send it to us. You will receive an e-mail of confirmation and payment methods within one working day. With your booking confirmation you can go and book your flight. If you can’t find any flights, you can cancel your booking within 3 days of sending our booking confirmation. [/ accordion] [accordion title = “When do I receive the itinerary and the stay key?”] It is important that you notify us by e-mail of your arrival time at the airport or port of Sicily. We will send you an e-mail with the itinerary, time and place of the appointment for the delivery of the keys. We will always be at your disposal by leaving you our telephone number, for any questions or needs regarding your stay. [/ accordion] [accordion title = “Is it better to fly to Palermo or Catania? Which airline can I fly to Sicily with?”] Better to fly to Catania. At this address you will find a list of airlines that fly to Catania. At this address you will find a list of airlines that fly to Palermo. [/ accordion] [accordion title = “How to get to Sicily by car, train or ferry?”]

Arriving to Sicily by train

There are several ways to get to Sicily by Train, traveling via Rome or Milan.

Arriving to Sicily by car

If you plan to bring your own car or have hired a car in a different part of Italy, at some point you will need to take a ferry. The same goes for if you are arriving by train. There are four possible options:

Arriving to Sicily by ferry

Naples – Palermo / Palermo – Naples: Tirrenia (0039 081 0171998) have daily crossings: dep. 20:45, arr. 06:30, both ways. In August, there are also crossings on Saturday and Sunday: dep. 10.00, arr. 18.00 (this also applies to the last weekend in July and the first weekend in September. Two and four bed cabins, restaurant, bar and cinema on board. SNAV also have daily crossings: dep. 20:00, arr. 06:30, both ways. On the last Saturday in July and all Saturdays in August there are two further crossings: dep. 09:30, arr. 20.00 and dep. 22:30, arr. 09:00. Two and four bed cabins, restaurant, bar, disco, children’s area and cinema on board. Genoa – Palermo / Palermo – Genoa: Grandi Navi Veloci (0039 010 2094591) make crossings every day except Sunday: dep. 23:00, arr. 19:00 (the day after) until 24th June and then dep. 21:00, arr. 17:00 (the day after) until 11th Sept. The ferry has excellent cabins with bathrooms, as well as a heated pool, sundecks, a gym, restaurants and all sorts of other comforts and entertainments! Villa San Giovanni (Reggio Calabria) / Messina: Ferries leave Villa San Giovanni in Reggio Calabria to Messina every 20 minutes. The crossing takes 20 minutes. For information and bookings see Caronte, or call +39 0965 751413. Sardinia – Sicily / Sicily – Sardinia: There are weekly departures from Cagliari to Trapani and Palermo, the overnight voyage takes about 13 hours. See: Tirrenia Click on these links to find more information on ferries to the ports of Palermo and Catania . [/ accordion] [accordion title = “How is it convenient to move from the airport or port to your stay? Which car rental companies are located at the airports of Catania, Trapani and Palermo?”] e-car rental Sicily Shuttle Service [/ accordion] [accordion title = “Are there practical things to know and about local customs?”]

Sicilian dialect – the language of the locals!

Sicily has largely retained its dialect and many people still use it frequently. While it is not taught in schools, and is generally frowned upon by the middle / upper middle classes, Sicilian dialect continues to play a very important role in everyday life. Most people know quite a lot of words and proverbs, but if you visit the street markets in Palermo or Catania, or if you get off the beaten track in the Sicilian hinterland, you will hear a considerable amount of “narrow dialect” (“pure “Dialect). Most Sicilians tend to use their native language to give more emphasis or warmth to what they are saying: punch lines of jokes are frequently in dialect, maternal love is often expressed with a “beddu” (beautiful) and anger often erupts in showers of molten dialect that seem to have a harshness and a depth of expression that Italian could never achieve. it has a history that extends back beyond ancient Greek times. And much in the same way that the English language absorbed lexis and grammatical constructions from the waves of invaders that reached its shores, so Sicilian dialect has constantly evolved through the adoption of linguistic elements from, amongst others, Greek, Vulgar Latin, Arabic, French , Catalan, Spanish and Provencal. [/ accordion] [accordion title = “Where can I find the most beautiful beaches?”]

The superb beaches in Sicily

Mondello, Lo Zingaro, San Vito Lo Capo, the Egadi Islands , Selinunte and the Belice Nature Reserve, Torre Salsa, down to the south-east and Cava d’Aliga, Donnalucata, Sampieri, Marina di Modica and Marina di Ragusa , up through Marzamemi and Portopalo to the  Vendicari Nature Reserve, La Pineta del Gelsomineto, Fontane Bianche, Arenella and the coast around Siracusa , continuing along the sandy bay of the Gulf of Catania , past the Ionian Riviera up through Fondachello and Fiumefreddo to Taormina, Isola Bella, Mazzaro ‘, Letojani, round the tip of Messina and along to Milazzo , Tindari , San Gregorio, Capo d’Orlando, and ever westward to Cefalu , Lascari to Palermo . [/ accordion] [accordion title = “How is the weather in the various seasons?”] The Sicilian climate – Weather and Temperatures in Sicily


In the deep midwinter the average temperatures on the coast should still be hovering around the 13 ° C mark, though on sunny days it can be warm enough in the sun to walk around in a tee-shirt. It is cooler at night and much cooler in the higher mountains. Skiers will be hoping for some serious snowfalls on the slopes at Piano Battaglia and on Mount Etna. The citrus harvests are continuing apace. Average daytime temperature 13 ° c | 55 ° f Sea temperature 15 ° c | 59 ° f


The days are starting to get warmer, although conditions in the mountains are still very wintery. Skiing , snowshoeing and horse trekking on the snow are unforgettable experiences. The almond trees are in blossom and are at their finest in Agrigento at the Valley of the Temples. Average daytime temperature 13 ° c | 55 ° f Sea temperature 14 ° c | 57 ° f


On the coast the winter is truly over, with wild flowers starting in abundance, the days lengthening and the average temperatures making warm clothes decidedly uncomfortable. Inland the farmers start preparing the land, tending the vines and planting the grain. Average daytime temperature 15 ° c | 59 ° f Sea temperature 14 ° c | 57 ° f


The wild flowers begin to truly explode all over Sicily and on the coast the first bathers start taking to the beaches (though the water is still bracing). The interior is now warming up fast and the array of colors is spectacular. It’s well worth making a trip just to experience the Ester procession s, bringing together folklore and tradition in an incredibly mystic way. Average daytime temperature 18 ° c | 64 ° f Sea temperature 15 ° c | 59 ° f


The interior is spectacular, with the mountain slopes exploding in color and the temperatures ideal for walking. The temperatures on the coast and in the islands will now be extremely comfortable. If you’re lucky, you might get to witness the “mattanza” or tuna harvest in the fishing towns all over the western part Sicily. Average daytime temperature 22 ° c | 72 ° f Sea temperatures 18 ° c | 64 ° f


The first smells of summer waft through the island as the strong colors on the coast and the lower plains succumb to the bleaching rays of the sun. This is probably the perfect time for walking in the higher Madonie and Nebrodi mountains. The temperatures everywhere are generally agreeable, though the Scirocco wind can send them soaring for a few days. The sea is warm but the beaches are still deserted, except at weekends when the first Sicilians start to brave the waters. The fruit trees are laden with cherries, plums and the local specialty “gelsi” Average daytime temperature 25 ° c | 77 ° f Sea temperature 21 ° c | 70 ° f


The sea becomes the focus for most Sicilians  (and visitors) and the major resorts testify to the glorious temperatures and sea conditions. Do not shy from the interior though, where the walking is wonderful and the upper slopes cool and still luxuriantly green. Peaches and water melon are in season. Average daytime temperature 29 ° c | 84 ° f Sea temperature 25 ° c | 77 ° f


The sometimes stifling heat of the cities and the general holiday feel pushes almost everyone to the coast, which are almost invariably crowded. The beautiful areas of the interior (and a few “undiscovered” parts of the coast) are however relatively unfrequented. Towards the end of the month begins the spectacle of the salt harvest in the salt pans around Trapnani and the grape harvest or “vendemmia” all over the islands. The fig trees are laden with their welcoming fruit. Average daytime temperature 29 ° c | 84 ° f Sea temperature 26 ° c | 79 ° f


the vendemmia continues in earnest and all hands move to the fields. The summer is often interrupted by coastal storms, which can be accompanied by high winds. Temperatures remain very comfortable everywhere, and the coast and islands retain that summer feeling, but without the crowds. The olive harvest is also well under way. Hazelnuts are plentiful and many small villages celebrate their arrival with traditional “festa”. Average daytime temperature 26 ° c | 79 ° f Sea temperature 25 ° c | 77 ° f


Whilst the wine is being made, the abandoned vines turn to reds and oranges giving the vast areas of vineyards a spectacular range of hues and making this one of the most beautiful periods for country walking. Seasonal rainfalls help develop an astonishing variety of mushrooms. The prickly pears are at their best. Average daytime temperature 22 ° c | 72 ° f Sea temperature 22 ° c | 72 ° f


Autumn is well and truly here, though the temperatures can stay in the mid to high twenties during the day to produce a surprisingly balmy Sicilian “Indian Summer”. This is generally the month with the highest rainfall, though the big storms that often sweep the Italian peninsula generally pass safely to the north of Sicily. The orange and mandarin season is starting. Average daytime temperature 18 ° c | 64 ° f Sea temperatures 19 ° c | 66 ° f


One can still have extremely agreeable temperatures during the days, though the sunlight hours are clearly at their lowest of the year. Still, Cristmas is an important festival here and many small towns light up the night with their traditional processions. Average daytime temperature 14 ° c | 57 ° f Sea temperature 16 ° c | 61 ° f [/ accordion]     [/ accordions]  

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